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Sustainability really does matter. It is not just a soundbite, but something that we firmly believe in. We are proud that our suppliers of wood flooring share our beliefs. They operate using a responsible Sourcing Policy, which guides their day-to-day purchasing, and comply with the European Union’s Timber Regulations (EUTR).


Our suppliers are also the first timber company in the UK to participate in Nature’s Barcode third party verification of supply chains. This initiative ensures that products are legally harvested and manufactured with consistent constituent species and origin. Simply scan the QR code displayed on pallets and individual flooring packs, and you can confirm the origin and composition of the flooring in front of you. With this, you have the assurance of species, know the product comes from known forest areas and conforms to national laws at every stage of the supply chain.


Once you have decided that you want to have wooden flooring down, you then need to decide whether it should be solid wood, multi-ply or engineered. We have each of these available in our showroom, each available in a different finish. Look at some examples of the boards and finishes on display here.

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