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We have a wide range of fireplace accessories on display in our showroom to help enhance your fireplace. We have many fireside tools ranging from full companion sets to simple pokers, kindling holders and hearth tidies. We also sell small bags of logs, along with kindling and flamers to help get your fire started.

We have a wide range of homeware items available, perfect to buy as a treat for yourself or as a gift for others!

Please see below for more information or contact us anytime.

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Stove Accessories

• Stove Paints 

• Surface thermometers

• Glass cleaner

• Matches

• Fire cement

• Gas firelighters

• Gloves

Moisture meters


Fire Tools

• Pokers

• Brushes

• Log tongs

• Cool tongs

• Shovel

• Ash caddies

• Kindling holders

• Hearth tidies

Fire tools

We stock the genuine Canadian Ecofans.

The airflow created by a genuine Ecofan can help you feel the heat from your wood stove up to 38% faster. Ecofans are designed to sit on top of a free-standing wood stove and create their own electricity without using any household energy or batteries. 

Tests have proven that using a Caframo Ecofan can reduce fuel usage up to 18%. We have in stock the Airmax, Ultrair, Original, and the Original Mini (perfect for smaller spaces).

Eco fans
Log Baskets
Our log baskets and carriers are all handmade, woven entirely using traditional methods and come in
many shapes and sizes producing an attractive solution for log storage.


We sell the following products from Certainly Wood:
• Kindling dried to a moisture content of below 12%
• Fire Starter Kits – These are the perfect way of sampling the various products to help you light a fire. Included in these kits are: kiln dried logs, kindling, flamers, and a box of matches.
• Flamers Fire Lighters (packs of 24, 50, and 200) – The Flamers are made from natural wood wool, dipped in a fully refined paraffin wax. Odourless and easy to use, you only need one flamer per fire.
• KindleFlamers – these are super long flamers. No kindling is needed to light the fire with these flamers, meaning they are a simple, low-cost way of lighting fires.
• Flaming Firewood - small bags of mixed-sized firewood. Perfect for starting fires, outdoor fires and pizza ovens. 
Lithofin products help protect and clean natural and artificial stone.
• Outdoor cleaner
• Easy clean
• Easy care
• Wexa
• Wax-off
• Stain-stop (0.5l – 1l)
• Slate-seal
• Multi-seal
• Colour intensifier
hot potato
Our Wood burning stoves work perfectly with these amazing cast Iron stove top cookers.  Providing you with on of the greenest and most efficient methods of cooking with incredible flavours.

We are delighted to once again be official stockists of the gorgeous smelling St Eval products. A certified B Corporation and honoured with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2021, St Eval continue to be pioneers in sustainable arts.


Each aroma can create deep connections, memories, and emotions to transform a person or place and therefore make a wonderful heart-warming gift. With a range of scented candles, reed diffusers and skincare products, you will not be disappointed.

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