The Solution 500 (and Solution 500 SB) are highly efficient clean burning convection stoves. The convection casing reduces the required clearances from combustibles to 300mm each side.

The Solution 500SB has all of the same features as the Solution 500, plus the extra benefit of a combined boiler that is located above the firebox and is heated by the flue-gases.  This results in the glass remaining cleaner than conventional boiler stoves.​

Its features include:
• 8kW heat output
• One double-glazed door that gives uninterrupted view of the flames
• Refractory lining, and tertiary air supply, promoting super clean combustion
• Convection casing for a lower surface temperature, allowing close installation
to vulnerable surfaces

• Rotary grate for easy riddling
• Base plate to provide additional floor protection
• Hotplate surface for coffee pot or kettle
• Built in fuel store for logs or kindling
• Takes up to 15” logs

Optional features include:
• Optional top or rear flue outlet
• External air-box for a direct connection to an outside air supply
• Double rear heat shield for further reducing clearances to combustibles

Style options:
• Plain or stainless-steel sides