PIONEER 400/400P

The Pioneer 400 is the highest specification small stove ever built. It's so fuel-efficient it can burn as little as one kilo of wood an hour, stay in over-night, boil a kettle and even heat your water, if the 8,000 BTU boiler is added.​ This rugged and stylish stove is equally at home in a country cottage or a modern apartment. The Pioneer 400P is the same high performance stove but with the added feature of an integral plinth. 

• 5kW heat output
• One double-glazed door that gives uninterrupted view of the flames
• Rotary grate for easy riddling
• Adjustable levelling bolts, for easy adjustment on uneven hearths
• Takes up to 10” logs

Optional features include:
• External air-box or air plinth, for direct connection to an outside air supply
• Heat shield for stove and connecting flue to reduce clearances to combustibles

Boiler options:
• 8,000 Btu stainless steel boiler

Style options:
• 2”, 4”, or 6” legs (for Pioneer 400)

• 2” legs on a 10” plinth (for Pioneer 400)