The ESSE Warmheart and Warmheart S wood burning stove incorporates convection panels that radiate warmth out into the room. Easy to cook with, the Warmheart is capable of heating multiple pans whilst boiling a kettle on the spacious hotplate. ESSE cook top stoves accommodate logs up to 400mm length and optimise fuel efficiency whether cooking, dining or entertaining.

Surpassing 2022 Eco Design requirements 5kW ESSE cook stoves offer a clear, unimpeded view of the flames within and Afterburn™ technology keeps the glass clear while maximising energy efficiency.


 • Graduated temperature hotplate ranging from 190°C – 300°C.

• Off-grid heating and cooking – no mains services required.

• Combine with a domestic boiler and the 5kW log burner will also provide hot water.

• Simple air and emission filter controls.

• Powerful 5kW heat output.

• Optional barbecue shelf for cooking over embers in the firebox.