12KW 650

The Clearview 650 is the second largest stove in the Clearview range.

Its features include:

• 12kW heat output

• Two large, double-glazed doors that give uninterrupted view of the flames

• Adjustable levelling bolts, for easy adjustment on uneven hearths

• Large hotplate surface for coffee pot or kettle (flat top and low canopy versions only).

• Takes up to 18” logs

Optional features include:

• External air system for a direct connection to an outside air supply

Boiler options:

• 10,000 Btu (domestic)

• 27,000 Btu (baffle)

• 40,000 Btu (wraparound)

Style options:

• Flat top

• Flat top: 7” plinth, or 10” plinth

• Low canopy

• High canopy